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If your home already has plenty of storage space to meet your needs, then a basement can become a rather redundant area. Make the most of it by recruiting our basement renovation services. We will work with you to turn your basement into a unique space that is more suitable for your home and family. Our team can renovate your basement into an intimate den, fun game room, or even an additional bedroom.

Basement Renovation Experts

When homeowners consider expanding their homes, they often forget to think about the space that they already have. This is especially true when they have neglected storage areas that are never used, such as basements. But with a bit of strategic renovation work, an underutilized basement can be transformed into a fully functional and livable bottom level that provides plenty of options for comfort and entertainment.

Basement renovations come a set of requirements for turning them into safe, structurally sound areas. Our team knows how to address them all. We are capable of installing wall furring, insulation, ventilation, moisture-resistant materials for walls and floors, suspended ceilings, emergency egress ways, structural support, and more. We can also help with creative, space-saving conveniences such as recessed lighting and recessed storage.

Grow with your home.

As your life reaches certain milestones, a basement renovation may become more and more ideal. Perhaps the kids are growing up and needing more room than ever, or you’ve decided that you need a relaxing place to get away from it all on your hard-earned days off. Let our team help you update your home to stay abreast of your life’s developments. We will provide you with a finished basement that you can make use of anytime.


Worry free renovations.

Renovating basements can be complicated in both construction and technical matters. It’s a given that we've got you covered when it comes to the execution, but can also give you informative advice and guidance on the Illinois building codes you must abide by before and during basement renovation. We will help you understand the basic requirements, getting you all set to begin your basement transformation.

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