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Home Expansions

Whether your family is growing, you need more storage, or you simply want the freedom of more space in your home, we can provide you with fantastic home addition solutions. We can prepare and assist you throughout the process of adding extra rooms and spaces to both the interior and exterior of your home. Our expert team is experienced in constructing home additions of all types and sizes. Let’s see how we can accommodate your special project.

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At some point, every family needs extra space to store their special belongings. But sometimes the closets and other existing storage areas in your home simply aren’t enough. That’s why we offer our expert services for this common type of addition. We will help you plan how to incorporate a new attic into your home, as well as handle every step of the construction process. This is a great option for decluttering your home and creating more room for your family’s personal enjoyment.

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In-Law Suites

Make your home comfortable and welcoming for every generation in your family by adding a cozy in-law suite. The popularity of multiple-generation family homes is on the rise, and for good reason. These additions bring your extended family closer, and are ideal even just for visiting. We will help you with the complete planning and construction of your special in-law suite, making it fit right in with the rest of your home.

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Loft Conversions

For some of us, an attic store room simply isn’t as useful as it could be. Instead of letting the space go to waste, transform it into a luxurious bedroom suite, private office, or playroom for the kids. The possibilities are endless, and we’re here to help you realize whichever is best for you. We will help you convert your unused attic into a practical and beautiful upper level area that adds to the spaciousness and utility of your home.

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Patios & Decks

While our interior designers may have made your home as luxurious as can be on the inside, you’ll still want to enjoy the fresh air and ambiance of the great outdoors. Whether you have a private yard or an urban view, adding a patio or deck is a wonderful option for giving yourself an opportunity to spend time appreciating the exterior of your property. Our team can handle the entire process of planning and installing your beautiful new patio or deck.

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